Establishment, management and accelerator company for start up businesses that specialize in building business administration management and network marketing based on Information Technology

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PT. BERBINTEK is an E-Business management organization, which manages and controls all its established subsidiaries. We are focused on the internet network business, and with the help of local investors we are expanding these efforts.. Learn more …


What we 've done so far

The Core Team
Money Rise

How we work?

Mark Cuban: “Most businesses do not need more cash, they need more brains”. One of the functions of this site is used as a place to find people who want to join as an internal team member to set up a company. We need people who are full of energy, have a common vision to work together to build a great company. If you are interested in the startup worlds, want to contribute in it or see the reality of how the actual startup works, you can join us.

Choose your position

CO Founder

Build a company with us, and we will provide resources as well as funding for you to use.


Having excess money but confused is used for what business ?. Invest into our company.


You need an internship ?. Please register here. We accept trainees remotely.


Make money wherever and whenever you are. Do it casually and without a target.

Your benefit

The advantage if you join us in any position, either as CO Founder, Contributor, Internship, or others.

Getting new connections

It is very difficult to find colleagues who share a common vision in building startup. But here, you can find many of them.

Implementation directly

Here, you can really contribute to building a real company, through the development of a business administration system.

Enter the appropriate passion section

Although we are an IT company, it's not just about the Internet that we do. You can enter other sections that fit your passion (administration, HR, Marketing, etc.).

Get real skills

Each member must practice his or her knowledge. You not only know but also can implement that knowledge.

A productive community

You can be better only with the productive and positive people. Here you are in the right place.

Knowing the reality of startup world

Many people misunderstand that startup is just making a prototype, then succeeded in becoming a big company. You will understand the real startup world here.

Management Business Administration

We use the standard of Business Administration Management (MBA) in the foundation of the company. With this, the established company system will not experience severe shocks in its operations.

Soft Skill and Hard Skill

Each organization has its own specialization. You can see the specialization in IT Business by looking at the progress column next to. We always do self-improvement and will become very expert in many fields.

Management Business
Business Administration 95%
Web Designer 90%
Programmer 70%
Mobile Apps Development 30%
Internet Marketing
SEO 60%
Internet Marketing Strategy 85%

Our Advantages

Integration with information technology

Our work management integrates very well with IT systems. Every work activity is always supported by the information technology we build.

Significant growth

We are growing very fast. In a fairly short period of time, many great achievements we have achieved.

Management is structured

Basic learning, intensive training, job positions are determined complete with the duties and responsibilities of each member who plays a role in it, we apply in every department of the company.

Always make improvements

Always improving, learning from mistakes and keep growing. Our first-team experience is a very valuable asset.

Self Developemnt

We have a self development program that we are planning to do personal improvisation every member in this organisation.

Standard procedures are very well organized

Although our current status is "startup", we focus our attention on work management. Thus, our work activities can run without too many shocks.

Person in charge

this is the profile of the person in charge of the entire holding company in PT. BERBINTEK. Investors have no share in management matters. No board of directors. All responsibilities held by the CEO.

Willy Yusuf Rahmadi

Core Team

The main members listed are only members who are standby in the main office. Click on the picture to see the fuller profile. View all core team profiles in directories.


This is a photo gallery about us. View our photo collection of activity activities in managing this company.

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024- 7690 2880 (Semarang). Use Extension +62

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Monday- Friday: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM | Saturday: 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM | Sunday Closed​

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